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A trio of Prince's rarest albums are finally being released


A collection of Prince’s rarest work is being released next month as the late singer’s estate continues to open up his back catalogue to the masses. One particular album has collectors salivating as The Versace Experience gets its first full release.

As the music impresario made his way through the musical world in the later years of his sadly short life he became more exclusive in how he presented his art. He tended to reward devout fans and fought to remove unsolicited content with aplomb. But now, the Purple One’s estate has decided to release his later albums including The Versace Experience, Emancipation and Chaos And Disorder.

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The trio will be available on September 20th and will include The Versace Experience (Prelude 2 Gold) super-limited run and a chance for a real collector’s item. The LP was only previously available as a numbered cassette gifted to visitors who attended the Versace display at Paris Fashion Week in July 1995.

Prince had meant for the mix to be a preview to his upcoming album Gold and it featured exclusive remixes of the title track ‘Gold’, ‘Eye Hate U’ and ‘P Control’ with additions from The New Power Generation.

There’s even room in the collection set for 1996’s Chaos and Disaster and the mammoth release Emancipation. The former is making its debut on vinyl and features hit tracks ‘Dinner with Dolores’ while the latter is a 3-hour deluxe release full to the brim with mega hits.

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This one is a no-brainer for collectors. You’ve gotta be quick.