(Credit: Yves Lorson)

New book reveals Prince really was not a fan of Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry


A new book which collects some of the personal letters and musings from iconic musician Prince has detailed his disliking for pop music’s current best sellers.

Work on the book, entitled The Beautiful Ones, started prior to Prince’s death after content which included old comics, letters, stories and diary entries were all discovered. Dan Piepenbring, a major fan of Prince, was brought on board to co-write the memoirs alongside the musician: “The sheer quantity of paper was surprising,” Piepenbring said in an interview with The Guardian. “In one room you’d find something from 1979, and within arm’s reach there’d be something from 2002.”

“The book coincided with an inward turn in what he was experiencing, in what would turn out to be his final years,” Piepenbring added in a separate interview with the BBC. “I think for the first time he was aware of his legacy, aware of that he had power to shape the narrative around him. And maybe he was coming to be more aware of his mortality,” he added.

While the book details everything from Prince’s love for Kung Fu Panda 3 to his take on racism, he did also write his somewhat cutting take on the music industry’s desire to push the sales of Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry, writing: “We need to tell them that they keep trying to ram Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran down our throats and we don’t like it no matter how many times they play it.”

Explaining the comments made by Prince, Piepenbring admitted: “To be honest I was so much in agreement with him on that subject that there didn’t seem to be any more to say about it at the time,” in the BBC interview. More than a grudge with a few artists in particular, what he was bemoaning was a culture that simply doesn’t allow artists to colour outside the lines.”

The book will officially be released on October 29.