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Credit: Prince


Previously unheard 1985 live album from Prince finally released

The live album which accompanies Prince and The Revolution’s legendary 1985 concert film has finally been shared on to sharing platforms.

The recording was made on March 30th, 1985, at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York, as Prince and his revered backup band The Revolution toured in support of 1984s Purple Rain. The set included all nine tracks taken from Purple Rain, as well as hits from 1999, and a ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ interlude.

Sheila E. opened for Prince that evening then went and joined him on ‘Baby I’m a Star’, and the concert ended with an 18-minute rendition of ‘Purple Rain’ which has thankfully have been remastered by the late singer’s longtime engineer Bernie Grundman.

In a Rolling Stone reflection piece dissecting o the Purple Rain Tour, The Revolution’s keyboardist Lisa Coleman revealed: “The fun part was watching him because a lot of things didn’t happen unless he gave us visual cues. It was like a game watching him run around the stage, and he would do a slight move of his hand, which would cue a riff or something. You’d have to watch pretty darn closely.”

She then added: “Every once in a while, to cue the end of a song, he’d throw a hankie into the air, and when the hankie hit the ground, that’s when we would stop.

“So you had to be able to see the ground, and if you’re backed up on a riser behind keyboards and cymbals, sometimes it was hard to see, like, ‘Oh no! The hankie disappeared!’”

Check out the setlist and stream the show below.

Prince and the Revolution: Live Tracklist

  1. ‘Let’s Go Crazy’
  2. ‘Delirious’
  3. ‘1999’
  4. ‘Little Red Corvette’
  5. ‘Take Me With U’
  6. ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’
  7. ‘Do Me Baby’
  8. ‘Irresistible Bitch’
  9. ‘Possessed’
  10. ‘How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore’
  11. ‘Let’s Pretend We’re Married’
  12. ‘International Lover’
  13. ‘God’
  14. ‘Computer Blue’
  15. ‘Darling Nikki’
  16. ‘The Beautiful Ones’
  17. ‘When Doves Cry’
  18. ‘I Would Die 4 U’
  19. ‘Baby I’m a Star’
  20. ‘Purple Rain’