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(Credit: Priestgate)


Priestgate share the anthemic 'NOW'


Yorkshire upstarts Priestgate have shared their brand new anthemic single ‘NOW’ which arrives as Far Out’s Track of the Day!

The track marks the five piece’s first work of 2020 with ‘NOW’ offering a throwback to the heavenly sounds of British bands from yesteryear like The Cure or New Order and signals a bright future for the promising group.

Vocalist Rob Schofield revealed that the track came from the inner workings of personal turmoil revealing to Far Out: ‘NOW’ is all about coming to terms with the fact you’ve made mistakes and that you will definitely make a lot more. It’s our ode to understanding that life is full of obstacles and progression only comes with learning from your mistakes. Fully accepting this truth is never easy.”

Schofield then revealed that the difficulties that came with perfecting the track and how it took time to get right: “Composing this song was possibly the biggest ballache we’ve faced as a band; it took us an exceptionally long time to nail it down.

Adding: “Been the picky bunch we are, we actually recorded the song twice before we were fully happy with it. Earlier versions somehow just didn’t feel like ‘Priestgate’. You should never compromise, on anything, ever.”

The track also features as the fourth episode of Far Out Magazine’s new Facebook series ‘Emerging Sounds’, which shines a light on some of the best new music that’s simmering under the radar right now. The series so far has featured the likes of The Snuts and Jaws frontman Connor Schofield’s new electronic side-project MORE*FIRE.

Take a trip to the seaside with the video for ‘NOW’, below.