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Premiere: Wine Lips with the ferocious 'Electric Lady'

We are very proud to be premiering one hell of a track from Toronto based garage band Wine Lips. Apart from having a damn fine band name (key to any band success in our opinion) the band have a rip-roaring approach to making music and ‘Electric Lady’ is a jolt of pure rock and roll goodness.

Only a few years in from their conception the band are shouting loudly with every release, this latest track ‘Electric Lady’ is the foghorn crescendo of that shouting match. They released their self-titled debut LP on indie label Fried Records and set out on their first 5-province tour, east to Halifax and haven’t looked back since 2017 when they made the jump to full-time brain-melters and foot-tappers.

Fronted by Cam Hilborn on guitar and vocals, Aurora Evans on drums and Richard Stewart on bass, the band are a bunch of high-energy, high-volume and high-quality purveyors of garage rock and roll and their latest track ‘Electric Lady’ is the perfect combination of those pillars.

The band of the track: “The spark ‘Electric Lady’ generates will strike you like a 1 billion volt lightning bolt. After being stood up, the subject storms his way through town blasting out his frustration. While keeping the red wine continuously flowing.”

With a follow-up LP on the way and a US tour in March, we’ve been digging through figurative crates to find everything they’ve ever put out. But while we do that we’ve got ‘Electric Lady’ on repeat.