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Premiere: Jess McAvoy delivers classic songwriting on 'Do What You Want'

We’re very proud to premiere the latest song from singer/songwriter and hero Jess McAvoy. The brand new track ‘Do What You Want’ is an example of her exemplary songwriting and sumptuous lyricism. Take a listen below to the song that will soundtrack your weekend.

This new single harks back to a golden age of pop. Takes in a whole host of genre-specific nuances, letting them blend and mellow together to great an encompassing sound which feels like sunshine on your face: warming, light and to capture a moment in. Alongside this crucible of sonic construction, McAvoy‘s vocal feels almost too perfect and allows the concept of the track to shine through.

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The premise of the track is simply put in the title, ‘Do What You Want’, but really resonates in the spectrum of relationships. McAvoy is urging you to move towards those things and people that bring happiness, because after all is said and done that is all we’re really here to achieve.

It’s a truly joyful track and needs to be listened to on repeat. Take a listen to Jess McAvoy’s ‘Do What You Want’ below.