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Jess McAvoy selects your essential Sunday playlist


We like to set some of our favourite artists the odd task just to make sure we’re alla ligned on the music front. One point of contention is the critical Sunday playlist. Wehterh you’re hungover, have a day of familial obligations ahead or just have a blissful day of nothing ahead, the Sunday playlist is the pinnacle of the weekend.

So we set Australian-living-in-Brooklyn, Jess McAvoy the task of creating the best Sunday playlist she could and telling us a little bit about each selection. Having premiered her track ‘All Alone’ with us last week we were keen to see the singer’s choices. Needless to say they were pretty damn perfect.

‘Fade Into You’ by Mazzy Star

I heard this song for the first time the day after my first record release party in Perth when I was 19. It was the first song I discovered on the first day I remember really feeling free, like I was my own person. It bowled me over as one of the most dripping with love, desire and heartache songs that I have ever heard, even to this day.

‘Fall At Your Feet’ by Crowded House

This song is a masterpiece, and I heard that the producer actually encouraged this song into existence by marrying two songs that weren’t working separately. This song reminds me of growing up in Australia, and feels like home. It’s an incredible demonstration of tension and longing.

‘A Case of You’ by Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell is out of control. Her brilliance is so under-sung, and this song is no exception. Lyrically, it’s so incredible. I could drink a case of you and still be on my feet? I mean, come on. She’s saying that this person is gentle poison, but she’s up for it. Masterpiece.

‘Lover You Should Have Come Over’ by Jeff Buckley

I was very fortunate to live in Australia while Jeff was at the height of his career. He was huge over there while he was still alive, and his album “Grace” Changed my life. It’s from start to finish one of the most amazing compositions that I have ever experienced from a songwriting perspective, but also production and proficiency. What a legend. This song hits me in all of my parts every time I hear it.

‘Fast Car’ By Tracy Chapman

This song was always around in my childhood and it still comes around. Its such a wonderful ode to finding young freedom. Ugh. So good.

‘Waiting for my Real Life To Begin’ by Colin Hay

This track really moves parts of me that I don’t want to admit to, the doubt that my pursuit of art and beauty will ever amount to anything. The grace with which Colin Hay expresses his hope is so great. Such a lovely song.

‘Look At Miss Ohio’ by Gillian Welch

Gillian Welch really knows how to imbue simplicity with such incredible depth and intention. This song is about a rebel, but you wouldn’t know it, with the beauty of the lament.

‘Heart’s a Mess’ Gotye

This is my favorite Gotye song, it turned me on to him years ago and lead to a collaboration with he and I on more than one occasion. His voice always makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger, in terms of the Australian music scene>

‘Pink Moon’ by Nick Drake

Nick Drake was the daytime soundtrack of many of my older friends in the music industry when I was coming up in Perth. His sound is so comforting to me. I love keeping him around.

‘High and Dry’ by Radiohead

This song, this record, this was me driving around in the late 90’s Perth summer evenings with the top down in the 1950’s Austin Healy Sprite that My Dad built.

I made my first record with my own money that year. The engineer on that record introduced me to “The Bends” and blew my mind. I was 19.

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That concludes this week’s essential Sunday listening. Make sure you get yourself over to listen to Jess McAvoy’s brilliant new track ‘All Alone’.