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Premiere: Jess McAvoy and her stunning 'All Alone'


Jess McAvoy should now be on your playlist. If she isn’t, then listen to her new track ‘All Alone’ which we are proudly premiering, come back to us and tell us how wrong you were for ever ignoring Jess McAvoy. Sit back and enjoy some of the cleanest vocal work you’ll hear in a month of Sundays.

McAvoy is a Brooklyn-based Australian and she is making sure that her decision to make the leap across the pond/world wasn’t in vain. Based on her new release ‘All Alone’ we can firmly say that it wasn’t.

The song is a beautiful and mesmeric performance. Jess’ vocal is beyond what you’d expect from a song with such touching and veracious lyrics. Normally when the subject matter is so raw the vocal can flounder a little, strained by the sentiment of the song. But Jess has made sure that her instrument is heard and admired across every note and melody – it’s a beautiful performance.

‘All Alone’ touches upon our own experiences, Jess wrote this song one day upon reflecting and missing what she left behind in Australia four years ago after leaving all she knew behind to further continue her career in daily hustle of New York. Since her arrival in the big apple she has clearly been honing her sound as she sounds far more rounded and ready for the big tours which are surely now beckoning.

But with all that in the future, let’s take a moment in the present to enjoy a song written about the past with a vocal that is utterly timeless.