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Premiere: 'Dream Vendor' the bittersweet release from Spice Boys


When we first stumbled across PNK SLM label lovelies Spice Boys a while back we fell in love with the band. We fell harder than an eighties sorority girl for a guy name Corey. Which is why, although we’re proud to premiere, we’re pretty bummed about the latest track from Spice Boys, the brilliant ‘Dream Vendor’.

Let’s just clear things up quickly, we’re not bummed because the sing.le is bad, no, quite the opposite. The single is so fucking good it makes this next sentence hard to write. The facts are that after releasing their debut LP Glade last year and topping numerous fan-backed charts, the band split up with the members strewn across their native Sweden. ‘Dream Vendor’ is, therefore, a single from their farewell record. The band are still broken up, but giving us one last goodbye.

Building on the title of the song the music feels ethereal and gloriously nebulous and yet still has the steel of a Spice Boys song. It’s a departure form the band’s first efforts as grotty garage punks. It builds and swells like billowing weed smoke and offers a glimpse into ‘what we could’ve won’ with every note.

Speed 2, the new record, is going to be released on March 29th as an extremely limited run by the good people at PNK SLM. Judging by this luscious and hazy new track it’s going to be a record worth getting your grubby mitts on.

It seems only right that the band which essentially formed because of Sebastian Holmlund’s love of the name Spice Boys and recorded their first EP in a single night are a fleeting love affair. As quickly as they arrived they have left us, but at least we have one last love letter for our tears to soak.

Pre-order the LP here.