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Premiere: Spice Boys - 'I Don't Get Around'


We are always very happy to get the proverbial knock on the door from the good people at PNKSLM Recordings, with an exciting premiere for us. The Label have been top of the pile when it comes to truly unique garage rock form the continent so when they come a knocking you know we have got to answer the door.

Luckily we answered the door to Spice Boys and their brilliant new track ‘I Don’t Get Around’ taken from their new album Glade, which is due out in 12th January 2018, and judging by this track it will be a straight ear-melter.

The song is full of screeching guitars and guttural vocals which sling across an attitude that makes us weak at the knees. A deeply confident cut from a band who have only been around for 2 years but based on this track (and the sneak peek of the album we’ve had) they’re going to be tearing up venues for years and years to come.

Glade will be released on January 12, 2018 on vinyl, cd and digital. Produced by Simon Skeleton and co-produced by the band’s Adam Forsberg and Sebastian Holmlund, mastered by Christopher Göthberg.

1. Spice City Boys
2. I Don’t Get Around
3. Can’t Turn Back
4. Swish
5. Fuk Luv
6. Vessel
7. Citrus Blossom
8. Cities
9. Darling (No One Will Be There)
10. Breathe In Breathe Out
11. Scarabs
12. Pizza Flavoured Kisses
13. Mirages