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(Credit: Wikimedia / Toglenn)


Watch a pre-fame Post Malone cover Bob Dylan song 'Don't Think Twice, It's Alright'


Post Malone is one of the biggest stars on the planets right now. Still, before he was even operating under his current alias and was producing music under the name Austin Richard in 2013. In a bid to gain a foothold within the industry, he took to his YouTube channel to share a delicate cover of Bob Dylan song ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright’.

The cover is a stark contrast from the rapper, pop, hybrid that Malone is recognised as today, a sentiment that is further proof of Bob Dylan’s power to transcend genres. The latter continues to influence generation after generation in all areas of music. Malone’s version of ‘Don’t Think Twice’ is the only video available on his now inactive YouTube channel as a teenager and shows the work that went in before he suddenly emerged as a superstar in 2015.

His emergence arrived after he dropped ‘White Iverson‘ on his Soundcloud page to little expectations, just like when he shared his Dylan cover. The original track clocked up over a million plays in the first month alone and was shared on social media by the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. The following month, he signed to Republic Records, and over the next couple of years, Malone continued his rise to his inked face becoming one of the most recognised in all of music.

In 2017, Malone discussed how Dylan influenced him not to stick to hip-hop’s four walls and not be scared to display a plethora of genres across his sophomore album. “I played a lot more guitar on this album,” he told the Daily Star. “I wanted to push boundaries and change the standard of what music is, and it’s a genre-less style of music instead of hip hop.”

He continued: “Everybody was pissed off when Dylan picked up an electric guitar. But you don’t want to alienate people, so it’s important to take baby steps, unless you’re trying to piss people off, which is sometimes awesome. But my career is in its infancy period, so I want to take it easy.”

Malone even has a Bob Dylan tattoo; however, it’s unlikely that the tattoo will be reciprocated by Dylan anytime soon. Post added: “He’s a genius and I heard that his grandson played my music for him and he liked the music be he said I need help with lyrics.”

The cover itself isn’t anything genuinely extraordinary or incomparable to other versions of the track. Malone doesn’t reinvent the wheel or squeeze in a rap. Instead, he plays the song in the mould of Dylan and pays homage to his hero.

The most intriguing part of the cover is that it sounds like a completely different artist to the one who is dominating the charts. It proves that there is an acoustic singer-songwriter hiding behind the guise of the face-tattooed image of a SoundCloud rapper that first meets the eye.

See the clip, below.