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Porridge Radio release a new single and announce third album

Porridge Radio - 'Back To The Radio'

Brighton rock heroes, Porridge Radio, have announced more details of their third album Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky. To precede the album’s release they’ve shared the stellar new track ‘Back To The Radio’. 

To coincide with the announcement, the band have also confirmed that they will be heading out on their biggest-ever UK headline tour later this year, and will be accompanying the record’s release with a series on intimate in-stores. 

‘Back To The Radio’ is an anthem. Slowly building up with the continual strumming of a guitar, with feedback panning in and out, you’d be mistaken for thinking this a 1990s alt-rock song, with an intro that could be by anyone from Dinosaur Jr. to Veruca Salt. 

However, as soon as Porridge Radio frontperson Dana Margolin comes in, with her unmistakable vocals, you’re drawn into their complex, and introspective world. A gorgeous piece, accompanied by a real earworm of a synth line, ‘Back To The Radio’ is the romance of British autumn embodied. 

The song was written by Margolin before the group released their acclaimed 2020 album Every Bad. Margolin explained that she felt like “a lot of things were coming that I wasn’t sure I knew how to handle”.

“The song grew out of a feeling of intense loneliness and being unprepared for what everybody was promising me was about to happen – and a strong desire to escape without knowing what I wanted to escape to,” she explained in a press release. “To me, there’s a huge feeling of catharsis in this song, of letting go and letting it sweep you away.”

Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky, is set for release on May 20th via Secretly Canadian. “With this album, the feelings of joy, fear and endlessness coexist together,” Margolin said, adding that its title “symbolises the ups and downs of human life, of virtue and transgression”.

Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky tracklist:

  1. ‘Back To The Radio’
  2. ‘Trying’
  3. ‘Birthday Party’
  4. ‘End Of Last Year’
  5. ‘Rotten’
  6. ‘U Can Be Happy If U Want To’
  7. ‘Flowers’
  8. ‘Jealousy’
  9. ‘I Hope She’s OK 2’
  10. ‘Splintered’
  11. ‘The Rip’
  12. ‘Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky’

Listen to ‘Back To The Radio’ below.