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(Credit: El Hardwick)


Hear Porridge Radio's new cover of Wolf Parade

Last week, we began talking about Porridge Radio’s take on The Shins mid-2000s classic ‘New Slang’. During that article, we also mentioned that they were releasing the song with another cover on the flip side: a version of Wolf Parade track ‘You Are a Runner and I Am My Father’s Son.’

Today, we get to hear that Wolf Parade cover. The band are released the two covers as part of the sixth volume of Seattle independent label Sub Pop’s Singles Collection series. Despite their Brighton roots, the band fits right in with the legendary Seattle independent label’s bevvy of American alt-rock artists, and their appreciation for Wolf Parade is clear in the cover’s unfurling acoustic drama of the track.

I’m starting to become concerned: I’ve covered three Porridge Radio tracks so far, and all three have been covers. Previously I had reported on the band’s cover of ‘Happy in a Crowd’ by the Chicago band Love Is Everything. Then came ‘New Slang’, and now ‘You Are a Runner and I Am My Father’s Son.’ Have we reduced Porridge Radio to a cover band? Do I actually know what they sound like? Do they have original material?

All fair questions to ask, but the good news is that the band appear to be really good at taking on other people’s songs. Not like transcendently good, to the point where they should just give up on the self-written material, but definitely solid enough that my ears perk up every time a new cover song comes to light. They’re old pros at this by now, and every new cover toes the lines between faithfulness to the original recording and variety to justify putting out a new version.

Check out the band’s version of ‘You Are a Runner and I Am My Father’s Son’ down below.