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(Credit: El Hardwick)


Porridge Radio release Love of Everything cover

Brighton indie rock band Porridge Radio have released a cover of ‘Happy In A Crowd’ from Chicago’s own Love of Everything.

“In 2016, I joined the band Garden Centre and we did a very DIY UK tour supporting Love of Everything,” band member Dana Margolin explains. “I remember watching Bobby [Burg, frontman] perform for the first time and being completely captivated. Bobby’s live set was really spontaneous and playful, but still managed to convey something really profoundly intimate. Bobby’s sets really showed me the way that a song can change every time you play it live, and that you can embrace the unpredictable and chaotic and fun parts of songs and they can still be perfect and hit really hard.

“I remember we went to Sherwood Forest on that tour,” Margolin continues, “And Bobby bought a children’s bow and arrow (he also whittled an arrow from a twig), and later that night aimed it at his guitar to play a note that he managed to capture and loop to make part of a song. It really stayed with me that you could just have fun like that on stage. You can just do whatever you want.”

The band’s appreciation of their fellow alt-rockers shines through on their cover. Mutual fandom often produces some great content, and this is no exception. Love of Everything collaborated with the band on their latest single ‘Dance with Death’, so the ‘Happy In A Crowd’ is Porridge Radio returning the favour.

Porridge Radio released their debut LP Every Bad last year. They’ve since collaborated with Irish singer Piglet on two tracks, ‘Strong Enough’ and ‘Let’s Not Fight’. Love of Everything, meanwhile, put out the seven-song album/EP Echo Frenz earlier in the year.

Check out the audio for ‘Happy In A Crowd’ down below.