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(Credit: El Hardwick)


Listen to two brand new songs by Porridge Radio

Porridge Radio have teamed up with Irish artist Piglet for two brand new tracks titled, ‘Let’s Not Fight’ and ‘Strong Enough’.

The pair of tracks by the acclaimed group is their first dosages of new music this year and follow on from their bittersweet Christmas single, ‘The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas)’. Porridge Radio released their second album Every Bad last March, and the response to their sophomore record has seen them hailed as one of the standout groups of 2020. The project also found itself deservedly included in the list of nominees for the acclaimed Mercury Prize and now the group look to carry on in 2021 on the healthy foot they left off in 2020.

“Piglet is one of my favourite artists,” Porridge Radio vocalist Dana Margolin said of the collaboration in a statement. “I remember the first time I saw Charlie fronting his other band, Great Dad, and just being completely blown away and entranced by his songs and the way he was performing them. I feel very lucky that he likes my music.

“This collaboration felt like it was coming for a while, and luckily lockdown gave us a chance to make these songs last summer. Writing together felt great, and I really loved the whole process and bouncing off of each other’s ideas.

“Something that Charlie really gets is emotional intensity and I am so glad we could be intense as hell together on these tracks.”

Check out the pair of experimental songs, below.