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Porridge Radio get solemn with new single ‘End of Last Year’

Porridge Radio - 'End of Last Year'

Porridge Radio have unleashed another single from their forthcoming album and it sees the Brighton band sway with an air of solemnity as things get reflective and moody in a swell of camaraderie between the band. That sense of togetherness is aptly reflected in the tune itself and the way the indie outfit seems to be gearing up for the big record release. 

As frontwoman Dana Margolin said of the song: “‘End Of Last Year’ is a love song for my bandmates and for myself. It’s about not trusting my intuition, not trusting my body to heal itself, not trusting the people closest to me, but it is also an ode to all those people, and to difficult platonic love.”

Poignant but pointedly purposeful, the song is perhaps their most reflective retrospective to date and seems to look back on the journey they have been on. This is mirrored in the moody refinement of the music. As Margolin explained: “It came out of a particularly painful period of communication breakdown and high pressure that hurt a lot, but ended in reconciliation and understanding.”

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That notion imbues the song with a sense of catharsis and nuance rather than a brash grab for artifice—even if the vocals do occasionally slide towards a slight affectation. Upheld by a tight and understated rhythm section that keeps the melody cutting, and wordplay that pricks the ears with originality, the song might be solemn, but it never sinks below the eye-line of interest. 

This latest effort takes a set towards the seaside as a calm swell contrasts the slightly more visceral efforts that have previously been offered from the record so far. The band’s third album, Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder to the Sky, is due for release on May 20th via Secretly Canadian. 

You can check out the music video, directed by Maura Sappilo, below. 

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