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(Credit: Police Car Collective)


Police Car Collective share 'I Guess It's Over Now'

Police Car Collective - 'I Guess It's Over Now'

Liverpool’s newest indie kids Police Car Collective have returned with a brand new single from their upcoming EP 1980, the driving ‘I Guess It’s Over Now’.

Last time we checked in with the dance-punk duo they were keeping things playful among the wreckage of over analysing everything on the propulsive ‘I Think I Think Too Much’. Now we get the less-frantic other side to the duo’s collective anxiety.

“’I Guess It’s Over Now’ was the last song we wrote for the EP. Initially, we had a slower track but decided we wanted to go with something more uptempo,” the band explain. “Lyrically I think it speaks for itself but I had just gone through a falling out with someone close to me and this song was just me trying to work through that.”

With a swirling indie rock style that favours effects-heavy guitars over driving dance floor rhythms, ‘I Guess It’s Over Now’ is demystifying the kind of sound that the band is aiming towards: an eclectic mix of pop, indie rock, and electronica that lyrically touches on themes of confusion, young love, and doubt. That’s all well and good, but it also feels terribly pretentious to write, especially compared to the relatively unpretentious nature of the track.

You can see the duo keep their intentions paired back in the video for ‘I Guess It’s Over Now’. Playing into the goofy pop-punk stomp of the song, the visualiser finds the duo in a bedroom adorned with classic mid-2000’s music and movie posters as band members Simon Joseph Callum Quigley and Tyler Plazio do their best impressions of Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge. As joints are lit, the atmosphere gets hazy, and the song swings to its rattling conclusion.

Check out the video for ‘I Guess It’s Over Now’ below. 1980 comes out on June 18th.