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(Credit: Police Car Collective)


Police Car Collective share new song 'I Think I Think Too Much'


You know that Spotify trend where everything has to either be in all caps or all lowercase? Billie Eilish does it with her songs. So does Taylor Swift. Well, add Police Car Collective (ahem, sorry, POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE) to that illustrious list.

The Liverpool based dance-punk duo’s newest release is ‘I THINK I THINK TOO MUCH!’, a propulsive pop number that celebrates living in the moment and, unsurprisingly, not thinking too much. It follows in the footsteps of the group’s previous two releases, the downtempo and spaced out ‘ALLTHETIME’ and the retro synth-laden ‘MINE.’

Produced by Joseph Burcham, who handled the production on the band’s previous two singles, ‘I THINK I THINK TOO MUCH!’ is pure energy, with guitar stabs and keyboard lines all serving to push each other like they’re racing to get to the end of the track first. Police Car Collective also embrace a universal truth: the guitar solo fake-out that instead soars into a synth solo is the best form of musical trickery. All good pop music should involve a little bit of pranksterism.

The accompanying video for ‘I THINK I THINK TOO MUCH!’ is a minimalist affair, featuring little more than just a desktop computer, a disco ball, and band members Simon Joseph Callum Quigley and Tyler Plazio. Plazio’s goofy-on-purpose dance moves and puzzled facial expressions are entertaining enough, but a little bit of foot-focused choreography really pulls the whole concept together.

Police Car Collective have yet to announce any plans for a full length LP, but the duo are teasing their new EP 1980, which is set to be released on June 18th. Whether any of the previously released singles will appear on the EP is unclear. Maybe they’ll just keep releasing songs one by one, always leaving us wanting more while they laugh at our patience. Honestly it’s not a bad strategy.

Check out the video for ‘I THINK I THINK TOO MUCH!’ below. 1980 comes out on June 18th.