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(Credit: Polica)


Poliça release startling new single ‘Rotting’


The latest Poliça single opens like a portent of the most perturbing moment in the forthcoming series of Stranger Things. That same sense of synth-draped nostalgia runs high, but it has an underbelly that quickly becomes a little too eerie for the Netflix series and you are whisked towards more of an R18 horror vibe. 

Pulsating and visceral, this spooky cinematic turn proves a progressive turn for the band.  Fans of their 2020 album When We Stay Alive certainly won’t be disappointed but it is pleasing far from the sound of a band happy to rest on their laurels. 

‘Rotting’ never lets up as sci-fi sounds meddle with an almost-secretly melodic vocal topline. It is clear to see the influence of the Berlin-based techno producer Dustin Zahn on the sound of the Minneapolis band. 

The single launches news of a forthcoming North American tour that gets underway with a hometown performance as part of the Midwest Music Fest on April 30th before weaving its way across the States and finishing up in Davenport, IA on July 19th. 

As it happens, the live environment should prove fitting for the track because, quite frankly, it is not the sort of song that lends itself keenly to many other environments. This avant-garde nature, however, is highly creditable in an era where increasingly music is commoditised to fit in suitable packages.

The song might not pound in many clubs, it certainly won’t be played in family-friendly public spaces, and in all honesty it doesn’t quite have the endearment factor to be filling headphones endlessly, but it is a million miles away from a drab listen. 

In fact, the haunting art work below should give you a good sign of how it might sound even before you click on it. As of yet, no album announcements have been made, but news is expected soon.