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Placebo’s Brian Molko explains why they covered Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’

Placebo singer Brian Molko has explained why the band chose to cover Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ in 2003.

The track is currently perched at the top of the UK Chart after enjoying a resurgence courtesy of the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things. It was originally released in 1985 and appeared on Bush’s fifth album, Hounds of Love.

In a new interview with The Guardian, Molko has spoken about his relationship with the work of Bush, and also touched on his earliest memory of her. “My first exposure to Kate Bush was the video for ‘Babooshka’ when I was a preteen,” he said.

Molko added: “I’d never seen anything like it: who is this person from outer space, singing an incredibly strange song? I was completely captivated by this beautiful woman who had such charisma and seemed so unique.

“Then I discovered that my older brother had [album] The Kick Inside, so I was introduced to ‘The Man With the Child in His Eyes’ and ‘Wuthering Heights’. Then [in 1985] Hounds of Love came out and blew my mind completely.”

Later in the interview, Molko said: “We were already in the habit of covering our favourite songs from the 80s, so I suggested that we do ‘Running Up That Hill’ but that we slow the tempo down as much as we could without it becoming a dirge, and obviously we wanted to keep it electronic with sounds from the early 2000s.

“I met Kate once at a party: it was a record company do and there was an orderly queue to speak to her. When I got to the front the first thing she said to me was: ‘I like your cover of my song.’ That was enough. I’m very, very pleased that it got Kate’s endorsement.”

Listen to Placebo’s cover of ‘Running Up That Hill’ below.