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(Credit: Island / Wikimedia)


PJ Harvey announces new 'Is This Desire?' vinyl reissue

At a time when live music remains off the menu amid the current health crisis, musicians have been handed a period of flux to revisit some past achievements, a moment in time which has prompted PJ Harvey to look back at her album Is This Desire? which was first released through Island Records in 1998.

In a project which features tracks such as ‘A Perfect Day Elise’, ‘The Sky Lit Up’ and more, Harvey has often been vocal in her satisfaction with the album, once telling The Telegraph: “I do think Is This Desire? is the best record I ever made—maybe ever will make—and I feel that that was probably the highlight of my career. I gave 100 per cent of myself to that record. Maybe that was detrimental to my health at the same time.”

Having already reissued four albums taken from her early 1990s period as part of a major archival project looking back at her past discography, Is This Desire? is the latest release and has been given the same treatment by UMe/Island. Due out on January 29th, the reworked effort will also include some rare demo recordings.

To coincide with the reissue news, Harvey has teamed up with director Maria Mochnacz to release a previously unseen music video to accompany Is This Desire? opening track ‘Angelene’ which was first created over 20 years ago. “We used a combination of video/16ml film and medium format Polaroids, curtains as backdrops to look like a passport booth and a selection of clothes for Polly to wear,” the director explained.

“I wanted some of the photos to look faded/blemished/discoloured,” the director added. “I remember sprinkling some with bleach, and some I folded and put in my jeans back pocket and then put my jeans through my washing machine! It’s lovely to be able to watch it again now after all this time.”

See the clip, below.