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(Credit: Zack Mahrouche)


Pixey announces debut mini-LP 'Dreams, Pains, and Paper Planes'

Liverpool indie pop upstart Pixey has announced her debut album, Dreams, Pains, & Paper Planes. The mini-LP will be released sometime in September.

Dreams, Pains & Paper Planes is my biggest release to date,” Pixey shared in a statement. “The majority of the record was written, recorded and produced by myself in my bedroom, alongside a couple of studio tracks. Genre-bending was something I wanted to experiment with, tailoring to the moods of each song but still keeping to the core big beat elements. I wanted to write a record that kept a sunny sound but was more anxious lyrically. More than anything, I want the listener to feel like they can dip into an alternate world for a while, whether it’s comforting or not.”

The mini-LP comes on the heels of Pixey’s two EPs released in 2021, FRee to Live in Colour and Sunshine State. What’s the difference between an EP and a mini-LP? I honestly have no idea, but Pixey has been cranking out reliably sunny alternative pop music over the past year and change, so you’ll hear no criticism from me.

To preview the new release, the singer has also dropped the mini-LP’s first single, ‘Recycled Paper Planes’. The track is well within Pixey’s established wheelhouse: vibrant, catchy, a bit of a throwback, and manically earwormy. Under the sunny surface of the track lies a set of lyrics concerning lost love, lost dreams, and lost direction.

“‘Recycled Paper Planes’ is a track I wrote, recorded and produced in one day in my bedroom. The whole thing flowed so quickly – I started with the bass line and quickly wrote the corresponding guitar parts. The song is about everybody trying to relive & recreate other people’s dreams, that nothing is ever really original. We’re all just a recycled, repackaged version of the past trying to make a living.”

Check out the lyric video for ‘Recycled Paper Planes’ down below. Dreams, Pains, & Paper Planes will be released in September.