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PINS - Girls Like Us

Manchester in the recent years has had an unfortunate stigma attached to it, new bands have been pigeon holed as a bit of a cliche under the powers of its enormous and incredible heritage. This, a burden that is being proved wrong under the force of bands like PINS.

An all girl post punk riot, these women really have the gift to reel a fan in, and that is a judgement passed off my first listen, ‘Girls like us’ has the creep, crawl and whip to get you manic about a new band. Following grunge’s oldest formula the song toys with you as one guitar chunders and the other screams. Lead singer Faith Holgate introduces herself by telling her lyrics to the audience, there is no suggestiveness here, before you know it your being thumped by a pounding four piece forcing you to lose it.

The dark and twisted persona projected is fitting to their ever growing presence in the song. Lyrically it feels almost hateful but this works well in contrast to the moody and thunderous delivery of the instruments.

I already expect debut album also entitled ‘Girls like us’ (released on 30th September) to have the same energy and charge. The punchy, no holds barred, streak running through this song fills me with enough confidence that these will go to the cosmos and further. It’s on the up from here on out and at Far Out we’ll be following the four piece rockers to see where they propel themselves to in the near future.

Lee Broadbent

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