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The bizarre moment Pink Floyd formed a football team

When thinking of the swirling sounds of Pink Floyd, the image of prog-rock masters springs to mind. They were cerebral wizards adept at whisking us away from the confines of the normal realm, taking us on a journey where we learn about ourselves and humanity at large. After coming back down, we feel complete. Be it a David Gilmour, Roger Waters or even Syd Barrett composition, there’s much to dive into in Floyd’s back catalogue. 

Pink Floyd were fortunate in the sense that they can count five genius songwriters to have worked under their banner. You simply cannot discount the input of keyboardist Richard Wright and drummer Nick Mason, as both also added invaluable elements to the bands sound, and chipped in with classic tracks of their own.

Barrett aside, if you were to remove any member from the fold, they simply wouldn’t be the same band, as shown by the decline in form after Waters left in 1984. His departure was a huge loss.

A sonic behemoth who gave us some of the best records in existence, hopes still linger that one day Pink Floyd will reunite, however unlikely that looks to be. Of course, it is worth mentioning that there wasn’t always acrimony between the members of Pink Floyd. In 1970, however, they showed how great their friendship was in the unlikeliest manner… by forming a football team. 

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It is a well-known fact that members of Pink Floyd were huge football fans, as they left references to the sport in some of their songs. The inclusion of Liverpool’s anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ in ‘Fearless’ is the most glaring reflection of their fandom. It is even said that the recording sessions for The Dark Side of the Moon were sometimes interrupted so the boys could travel to Arsenal’s old home ground, Highbury, to watch The Gunners play, as both Waters and Gilmour are huge fans of the north London team. 

Waters, Gilmour, Mason and Wright formed ‘P.F.F.C.’ as a means of getting to play the sport as well as watching it. A great outlet for venting any energy pent up in the studio, the amateur football team played in London and were often pitted against teams made up of journalists. It’s not clear how many matches the team played, but in a post on their Facebook page, the band explained that they played “a few”. The most high-profile match they played was against the dancers and staff from the Ballet de Marseille, but there’s no information on the result out there. 

What we do know for sure is that one of the positions was nailed on. The band’s resident giant, Roger Waters, was the goalkeeper, which is unsurprising given his stature. In one interview, Waters explained how the XI was comprised of the band’s crew, but never revealed any positions. It’s unclear whether the team were any good or not, but given their diehard love for the beautiful game, you can be assured that they were half-decent. As for Waters, he seems to think he was pretty good too. 

Watch Roger Waters talk about P.F.F.C. below.