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Why Pierce Brosnan called James Bond "legal cheating"


Pierce Brosnan holds a strange place within the Jame Bond cinematic franchise. Originally tapped to replace Roger Moore in the mid-1980s, Brosnan’s other commitments held him back from taking on the role until nearly a decade later. His Bond was sleek, stylish, and quick with a quip, but far more action-based and gadget heavy than his predecessors. He kicked off his tenure with an all-time top tier Bond picture, GoldenEye, before helming two fast and fun – if increasingly silly – movies in the shape of Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is Not Enough.

That’s where things went south for poor Brosnan. His final film as 007, Die Another Day, was meant to be a celebratory affair to commemorate Bond’s 40th anniversary. Instead, it’s an overlong slog that openly insults the audience’s intelligence with poor editing, a contrived plot, and uninspired fight sequences. Despite being the highest-grossing Bond film up to that point, Die Another Day epitomised the more inane direction that the Bond films had become, and Eon Productions decided to move in a different direction.

Despite feeling like he was “kicked to the curb“, it doesn’t appear as though Brosnan has any hard feelings these days. In a 2014 appearance on Conan, the actor demurred when the host highlighted his “suave and debonair” nature, attributing most of the characteristic to theBond character and not himself. “I scrub up well for an Irishman,” Brosnan joked. “I grew up on the banks of the Boyne in County Meath, southern Ireland a long time ago and I lived a very simple kind of rural, country life. Brought up by the Christian Brothers, served Mass and did all of that.” It really goes to show how un-Bond Bosnan really is — Irish, rural, of no nobility or notable family line of any kind.

O’Brien observed that “once you’ve played Bond, you’re Bond for life”, and went on to name some of Brosnan’s co-stars, including Halle Berry and Denise Richardson. Brosnan once again remained cool, calling it “an honest living, and a good job if you can get employment”. When it came to his co-stars, Brosnan picked up a phrase from his wife regarding Bond’s reputation with the ladies: “legal cheating”.

“She said it one night at a dinner party because someone was saying ‘How do you feel when you see your husband with all these women’, and that was her retort: legal cheating”. Chances are that if you’ve bagged Pierce Brosnan, it’s alright to excuse an on-screen kiss or two.

Check out Brosnan on Conan down below.