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(Credit: Seth Myers)


Phoebe Bridgers performs 'I Know the End' on Late Night with Seth Myers

Phoebe Bridgers has become one of the biggest names in music of late. Her recent album Punisher has become an instant classic among her fans and signifies that she’s a serious talent destined to be a mainstay of the scene. Musically astute, Bridgers never ducks a chance to perform.

Whether on TV or in the Oval Office, give Bridgers a mic and she will give you a song and on last night’s episode of Late Night with Seth Myers, the singer delivered a startling rendition of her Punisher track, ‘I Know the End.’

As Seth Myers takes himself back to the studio, there is still one key component of late night shows missing form proceedings—the live musical performance. The need to socially distance has meant that musicians have been tasked with recording their own performances and it’s probably fair to say that Phoebe Bridgers has been one of the best.

For her recent NPR Tiny Desk concert, Bridgers performed in a CGI Oval Office and eventually tore the place down to perform. For her appearance on Seth Myers, she delivered yet another captivating video, this time a single-shot recording of her singing the beautiful ‘I Know the End’, all candlelit and crooning.

A simple piano accompaniment to Bridgers’ always beautiful vocals, means the track fits perfectly with its grand setting. Recorded at a theatre in Covina, California, it sees Bridgers serenade an empty venue with the grace and poise of a true star.

Watch below as Phoebe Bridgers performs ‘I Know the End’ for Late Night with Seth Myers: