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Credit: NPR


Phoebe Bridgers' stunning NPR Tiny Desk concert from The White House


Being invited to perform at one of NPR’s classic Tiny Desk Concerts used to mean travelling to the radio station’s head offices to lay down some stripped-back numbers. In a pandemic world, however, it has become akin to performing for that 9am Zoom meeting. That said, Phoebe Bridgers has gone one step further to bring a bit of joy back to the show.

For the singer-songwriter’s edition of the new Tiny Desk (Home) concert, Bridgers took herself out of her home and into the White House and behind one of the most powerful desks in the world, the Oval Office. She did it all with the aid of a green screen and some of the aforementioned Zoom-like features.

Bridgers performed three of her most loved songs during the show including ‘Kyoto’, ‘Moon Song’ and the wonderful ‘I Know The End’ to create perhaps the best thing to happen in that office since a certain someone took charge.

It certainly isn’t the first time the singer has appeared on the illustrious show, in fact, she’s taken on the duties of performing at the Tiny Desk on four occasions now. But this time, despite being out of the realm of NPR, may well be her best.

Perhaps one of the finer moments of the performance comes near the end of the mini-set as Bridgers brings down the illusion of the Oval Office and the group move toward more heavy instrumentation, even welcoming fan clips singing the song.

All in all, it’s another reminder of Bridgers’ talent and that she could, if she tried, become the next president. We’d vote for her.