Credit: CBS


Watch Phoebe Bridgers brilliant performance on CBS This Morning


Phoebe Bridgers is currently making her way across the promotion circuit bringing us always unique and always captivating performances of her newly released classics. The latest stop on the tour was CBS show This Morning and Bridgers once again didn’t disappoint.

Thanks to the pandemic, the world’s music scene has largely ground to a halt. It’s left Bridgers without much chance of promoting her new record Punisher for her loving audience. That said, it hasn’t stopped the singer from coming up with clever ways of getting her songs heard, including a performance in the Oval Office.

Well, not quite. The performance actually came as part of her NPR Tiny Desk (at home) concert in which she used a green screen to project herself into the ‘highest office in the land’ before gradually pulling it down from within.

Bridgers also recently teamed up with Arlo Parks for a beautiful cover of Radiohead’s ‘Fake Plastic Trees’, all of which proved to us that it’s a crying shame we can’t see Bridgers perform live. There’s no doubt that she is in the artistic ascendency.

It seems that Bridgers has her head screwed on though, speaking on The Late Late Show with James Corden Bridgers said of moving from live shows to livestream: “It was a learning curve for sure,” she said, “but it was so fun. I like how creative people get with ‘singing along’ when I play — just like all caps lyrics as I sing them. It’s great, really fun.”

The singer-songwriter joined CBS’ This Morning for a performance of her songs ‘The Garden Song’, ‘Kyoto’ and from the studio. You can watch the performances below if you need any further proof of why we need live music back in our lives as soon as safely possible.