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Phil Haggerty, guitarist of rock band Somos, has died aged 28


Phil Haggerty, the 28-year-old guitarist of emo rock band Somos, has passed away.

The band, who were scheduled to release their third studio album later this year, have released the record early in attempt to raise money to fund Haggerty’s funeral. The album, entitled Prison on a Hill, has been released by Tiny Engines with the request of $5 donations.

The band confirmed the news of Haggerty’s death in a post on social media, they wrote: “We lost our dearest friend and guitarist Phil Haggerty earlier today,” on Twitter. “He was an immensely caring friend and an all around beautiful person, and he is gone far too soon. Phil Haggerty forever.”

The record label added: “So sorry to share this news. Phil Haggerty of @Somosbandma passed away earlier today. Phil was a wonderful musician and a kind, caring person. Our condolences and love to Phil’s family and friends.”

Paying tribute to their bandmate on Facebook, Somos wrote: “Phil poured countless hours into this record and was so proud of what we made together,” while sharing a clip of Haggerty passionately condemning racist behaviour. “I wish so badly he could be here today to share this moment.”