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(Credit: Stefan Bollmann)


Peter Hook says playing Joy Division's 'Closer' on stage was a career highlight


Peter Hook has been joining in with the rest of his Joy Division fanbase by celebrating the 40th anniversary of the band’s second album Closer.

The album is a bittersweet affair which sees the band’s final moments on record acts as a reminder of what could have been for Joy Division.

Of course, the emergence of New Order, a band formed out of the ashes of Joy Division and one Hook was a part of until 2007, did a lot to make that miss feel less imposing. However, Hook’s brightest career highlight came from playing Joy Division’s second record.

“I must admit, one of the greatest moments as a musician I’ve ever had was to actually play Closer in its entirety and to get it back,” he told Rolling Stone.

“I mean, I’ve never stopped arguing with the other members of Joy Division since I started playing [Joy Division’s music live] but the only good thing to come out of it is that now they play Joy Division. So that’s been great for the fans.”

Hook has been playing the band’s music with his new band The Light for some time now and it seems to be keeping Hooky aligned with his roots. “And if there’s one thing that I probably wish Bernard [Summer – ex-Joy Division guitarist] and Steven [Morris – ex-Joy Division bassist] could go through is getting that LP back.

“It’s so fantastic to do it, and it was so wonderful because a lot of the songs were finished in the studio, most of the parts were written in the studio, some of the vocals were written in the studio, and we never got to play them.”

In 2011, Hooky gave himself that chance as he took to the stage at The Factory in Manchester playing the album in full. Prior to that, the songs had never been performed live, “Once Ian had hopefully gone to that better place in the sky,” Hook said, “what me, Bernie and Steve did was almost disown Joy Division in a really weird, grief-driven way”.

Listen to that record below and hope that the two rescheduled dates for Hooky to play the songs once more (originally scheduled for this weekend but now, of course, postponed) can go ahead without a hitch.

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