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Credit: Paul Hudson


From Lou Reed to the Sex Pistols: Joy Division's Peter Hook picks his favourite albums of all time

We’re big fans of Hooky, the fearsome bassist AKA Peter Hook. The man embodies the rock and roll spirit that we cherish here at Far Out Magazine. Uncompromising, unabashed and unadulterated — Peter Hook will always remain our favourite bassist. That’s why we were thrilled to bring you this incredible playlist of Hooky’s 10 favourite records.

As the rhythm in two of our, and likely your, favourite bands of all time: Joy Division and New Order, Hooky added a needed touch of snarling grit to an otherwise art-driven set-up. While Hook has a cultural lexicon as complex as any other member of the band, his no-nonsense attitude has always endeared him to our hearts.

His selections for his favourite albums for Louder than War offer this juxtaposition in spades. There is, of course, a spot on the list for the Sex Pistols’ Never Mind The Bollocks. The album was an alternative music instigator and gathered up angry young men wherever it was played. Peter Hook and the rest of Joy Division were just a few more on the pile.

About the album, Hooky said, “This is where it all started for me, will always hold a very very big place in my heart and in my ears.” As well as the big folk balls of Led Zeppelin’s III, “One of my favourite rock/folk albums ever”.

Yet there is also room on the list for some more melancholy moments of reflection. His selection of Nico’s Chelsea Girl and John Cale’s Paris 1919 offers a gentler listen, the latter of which he describes as, “Chilling to listen to, really sets your teeth on edge.” It’s a record that his bandmate Stephen Morris cited as one of his favourites for its unstoppable creative energy.

Hook also finds room on the list for the far too often overlooked Ian Dury and his seminal record New Boots and Panties, where Hook hails the Blockhead as one of the country’s finer wordsmiths. There’s also a touching selection on the list as Hook reflects back on one of his own albums, Joy Division‘s Closer, the album so forever entrenched in the tragedy of Ian Curtis and his lost potential. Hook says, “The only album I’ve ever done that I can sit and listen to myself for pleasure, it really is a beautiful record.”

It’s a compelling selection of some of the best artists rock and roll has to offer. A captivating listen full of ups and downs, big brash belters and reflective moments of melody. It’s a playlist that acts like any good playlist should, as a reflection of the man who picked it.

Deeply musical, personally punchy and wonderfully curated. It’s as authentic as you’re likely to get. But so is Hooky.

Find his complete list below and a playlist of all his favourite records below that.

Peter Hook’s 10 favourite albums:

  • Lou Reed – Berlin
  • Nico – Chelsea Girls
  • Ian Dury – New Boots & Panties
  • Everything Everything – Man Alive
  • Led Zeppelin — III
  • John Cale – Paris 1919
  • Malcolm Mclaren – Madame Butterfly
  • Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks
  • Iggy & The Stooges – Metallic KO
  • Joy Division – Closer

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Source: Louder Than War