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Peter Doherty - Flags of the Old Regime

A track that has been rattling around the brain of Mr Doherty since 2011 and the tragic death of his friend the late, great Amy Winehouse is ‘Flags of the Old Regime’ it’s heartfelt, poignant and drenched in emotion.

Recorded with the help of one time Babyshamble and current Helsinki man Drew McConnell on bass, the song picks and plucks at the heartstrings of Doherty with obvious references to the Libertine man’s own demons he details the sad demise of a close friend.

It’s honesty and almost blunt lyricism strikes of Doherty of old and only goes to further add fuel to the fire of anticipation for the new Libertines album – due out this year. With all profits going to The Amy Winehouse Foundation there is a class to this song not only in the flawless production and the charitable donation but the completion and delivery of the music which is impeccable. slightly ragged but still flourished by the violins and delicacy of a vulnerable vocal. Perhaps Peter’s back?

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Jack Whatley