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(Credit: Les Inrockuptibles YouTube)

Pete Doherty details conflict with Arctic Monkeys


Pete Doherty has been talking about a series of misunderstandings between him and members of Arctic Monkeys which has led to some awkward situations.

Doherty, appearing as part of Phil Taggart’s podcast series ‘Slacker’, was asked about fellow indie bands in Britain and his perception of their sound. The Libertines singer then explained how he dodged listening to Arctic Monkeys partly, he admitted, because he feared the quality of their music: “The Arctic Monkeys, I just refused to listen to them,” Doherty said.

He added: “I managed to avoid them for a long long time, ’cause I heard they were good and I didn’t want to listen to them…”

As the conversation with Taggart developed, Doherty was asked if his bands had ever crossed paths with Alex Turner and the rest of the Sheffield band, to which he explained: “There’s been a few things that have happened where I didn’t know them by sight and they’ve come to say hello and I’ve had them slung out or something, and then when I tried to go say hello I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere near their backstage,” Doherty explained. “So I still haven’t met them.”

Despite what seems like a painfully awful number of scenarios in which both bands have been reject access to backstage, Doherty did discuss Turner’s songwriting ability, saying: “I dunno, that fella [Turner]. I suppose he’s a good songwriter, isn’t he?” before pausing for a moment and following it up with a cheeky comment: “I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with him though. He really pulls them apart in those songs, the ones that I’ve heard, you know?

“There’s a few embarrassed girls out there I’ll tell you now.”

Elsewhere in the conversation Doherty jokingly suggested he would like to face former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher in the ring for a charity boxing match.

In what would surely be a flimsy battle of indie rockers windmilling across the canvas, Doherty made the suggestion after is was revealed Gallagher had ‘stolen’ his former guitarist Drew McConnell. 

When asked about his feelings on the guitarist transfer as part of  Phil Taggart’s Slacker Podcast, Doherty replied: “I think we should have a sponsored boxing match and the loser gets Drew.” 

Taggart, in response, reminded Doherty of Gallagher’s fitness regime after it was revealed the former Oasis man has taken up a regimented morning jogging routine. Doherty, undeterred, replied with a bit of fire in his belly: “Listen, I weigh him in mate, I weigh him in,” amid laughter. 

Doherty continued: “We would make a fortune for ourselves and for good causes,” joking: ” I’d have to find myself a sparring partner.

“Where am I gonna find a Mancunian with size three feet to spar with?”

Doherty then began to reminisce about a time when Liam Gallagher called him out on stage, explaining: “I’m not sat here giving it the biggun’. Nine out of 10 of my friends laugh at me when I tell them this, but at the V Festival there was a big cock in the crowd, and he said to the crowd ‘glad to see Pete Doherty could make it today,’ so I owe him one.

He added: “He needs a slap”.