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(Credit: Wikimedia)

Pete Doherty arrested for allegedly buying cocaine in Paris


The Libertines frontman Pete Doherty has been arrested in Paris for allegedly trying to buy cocaine.

Local authorities have confirmed that the 40-year-old musician was arrested during a bust on Thursday and placed in detention overnight but refused to reveal specific details of the arrest.

Reports in the French media have claimed that Doherty was arrested in the popular area of Pigalle while carrying two grams of cocaine.

“The suspect was arrested in the Pigalle district, and was carrying two grams of cocaine,” an investigating source told the Mail.

“The allegation is that he was involved in an illegal street transaction at the time. He was drunk, and did not comply with the police to begin with, but was eventually taken to a police car.”

The reports claim that Doherty, who was allegedly under the influence of both drugs and alcohol during the arrest, will be held for 24 hours while an investigation is conducted.

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