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Personal Trainer share new video for 'Fiddlefunk'


Dutch indie rockers Personal Trainer have released a brand-new video for their Gazebo EP track ‘Fiddlefunk’.

Barebones rock and roll doesn’t get any simpler than this: driving drums, guitars plugged directly into their amps, catchy vocals that sound like they’re being sung into a broken refrigerator. It’s a classic formula, used by everyone from The Kinks to The Strokes, and Personal Trainer do a fantastic job lodging the fantastically fun ‘Fiddlefunk’ right in your brain.

“While making the video for ‘Fiddlefunk’, we found out that the general philosophy behind a Personal Trainer product or performance is that the initial idea has to be extremely simple and a bit silly, so that we can try our best to make it sound, look, or feel cool,” explains singer Willem Smit. “I think this applies to this video, our attempt to be the first band ever to play two live shows in two different places simultaneously, our streamed 24 hour lasting show we played a while back, the fact that we used to play with different band members every show, and our music really.”

‘Fiddlefunk’ is the first taste of the band’s new music, which will be their first full-length LP. “We are currently working on our debut album and it’s coming along nicely,” Willem says. “Our EP Gazebo sold out quicker than expected, so we decided to get it repressed. With this extra special white vinyl edition, the ‘Fiddlefunk’ video and our autumn tour, we hope to reach more and more people around the globe and become famous!”

Godspeed, boys. Personal Trainer might not be groundbreaking, but they’ve got a great mix of rock, pop, punk, and dance that’s guitar-centred and undeniably cool. They’re working with a relatively small discography, but I’m fascinated to see how it’ll grow. These guys are definitely a group to watch.

Check out the video for ‘Fiddlefunk’ down below.