Peak Twins - Steppin' Off


If this summer’s festival circuit has given us anything apart from a wild time, then it must be the rejuvenation of the term psychedelia and its attachment to music. Questionably labelled by trigger happy journalists, (it seems that band’s only have to have taken acid once in adolescence or sport a paisley shirt on stage to be inked with the psyche tattoo) waves upon waves of reviews cite the genre so much you would be forgiven for thinking that we were living in mid Vietnam America.

Right now I could be that journalist, finger on the trigger, all too eager to fire that by-gone bullet into the head of the reader but, you know what? I’m going to take the risk and introduce Australian outfit Peak Twins as a glorious example of contemporary psychedelic music.

On that note, ‘Steppin’ Off’ takes its more than worthy place as Far Out’s Track of the Day.

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Everything about this song suggests that it could’ve been included in one of the famed 60’s garage Nuggets compilations, from the hazy – laid back rhythm, minimalistic percussion, Big Brother & The Holding Company esque guitar right the way through to the typically scathing lyrical reflections, and delivery, on an untrustworthy spouse. It’s undeniably class. Yet I took the genre defining gamble having listened to the eponymous debut album ‘Steppin’ Off’ is taken from.

In a dream pop come West Coast catamaran, Peak Twins take us on a fantastic journey through the topical seas of love, addiction and everything in-between, inducing a dream like state with an array of ethereal guitar, flat foot drumming and harmonious backing vocal.

Made up of nine tracks, including a cover of the Fred Neil Torch song ‘The Dolphins’, the album is the musical equivalent of having just the right amount of liberty caps… a beautiful exploration into your own emotions and experiences, consequently becoming a must listen to any souls that like to lean a little into such and, if you ask me, you can’t get much more psychedelic than that.

If your still not convinced then get your hands (or ears) on another superb – split EP Peak Twins compiled with New York based Scott and Charlene’s Wedding last year as that should definitely help clear things up.

Joshua Hevicon