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Paul Thomas Anderson’s upcoming film gets a brand new title


Four years after the release of Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film, Phantom Thread, we finally have some news as well as word of the first trailer for his follow-up film, once known to be called Soggy Bottom

Premiering in front of showings of American Graffiti and Beavis and Butt-Head Do America at London’s Prince Charles Cinema as well as at The American Cinematheque before a screening of Strangers on a Train, the title of the film has been revealed to be Licorice Pizza. In reference to the record store chain founded in Southern California in the 1970s, this title sits in line with what we currently know about the film, following a high school student who is also a successful actor in San Fernando Valley. 

Reports from those who have seen the trailer have said that the cast includes Philip Seymour Hoffman’s son, Cooper Hoffman, as well as Bradley Cooper, Benny Safdie, Destry Allyn Spielberg, Sean Penn, Tom Waits and Paul Thomas Anderson’s partner Maya Rudolph. Comments from those who have seen the trailer also suggest that the trailer includes David Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars’ as well as the tonal reminder of 1997s Boogie Nights.

In a fascinating interview, Anderson commented on Boogie Nights: “I think the funniest thing is, and I think this might attribute to the lack of box-office success for Boogie Nights, is that it is, to a certain extent, judgmental. I love those characters. And I love pornography just as much as it completely disgusts me and completely depresses me. So the first half of the movie is all fun and games, but the back half of the movie is a sort of punishment for those fun and games.”

Adding, “It’s my own guilty feelings about pornography. So to a certain extent, the characters and pornography are judged. It’s just done in such a gentle and honest way because I didn’t know I was doing it. I also write for my friends that are actors. And no matter what I do, I’m never fully writing the character. I’m writing eighty per cent that character and twenty per cent that person I know will be playing that part. And I’ll never truly never let them get hurt.”

Take a look at the trailer for the original Boogie Nights as we await the imminent arrival of Licorice Pizza. 

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