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(Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)


Bradley Cooper says awards shows are “utterly meaningless”


Critically acclaimed actor, producer and director Bradley Cooper has played down the importance and significance of award shows.

Cooper, whose wide-ranging career has seen him rise to the top of Hollywood both as an actor and director, has been nominated for an Academy Award eight times in total but, as of yet, he is yet to claim victory. Reflecting on the focus of awards season within the film industry, Cooper was dismissive when he said it was both “very interesting and utterly meaningless”.

Alongside his Oscar nominations, Cooper has also been nominated for six Golden Globe Awards but has again failed to end the night victorious. Reflecting on the sometimes contentious topic of glamourous award ceremonies, Cooper sat down with fellow actor Anthony Ramos to discuss its relevance: “It’s funny, you hit awards season and it can be easy for us to make it about individual people,” Ramos told Interview Magazine. “But on set, you have your call sheet, and even though you have your leads, it’s a team effort. The grips, the director of photography — that movie is not happening without them. Everyone is the star of that movie.

“For whatever reason, we choose to single people out at a certain time of year. And if you’re ever asked to be a part of any of those events, it can be very easy for you, meaning me, to think, ‘It’s about me. I’m the only one here from my cast, so it’s only me.’”

Cooper, whose directing debut with A Star Is Born earned critical acclaim just two years ago, said that the high profile nature of the season was “a real test” based as “set up to foster that mentality”.

He added: “It’s quite a thing to work through, and it’s completely devoid of artistic creation.

“It’s not why you sacrifice everything to create art, and yet you spend so much time being a part of it if you’re, in quotes, ‘lucky enough to be a part of it.’ It’s ultimately a great thing because it really does make you face ego, vanity, and insecurity. It’s very interesting and utterly meaningless.”