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(Credit: Blue Jay Way)

Paul McCartney: 'I'll never play a Beatles album in full, it's too limiting'

Paul McCartney says he’ll never use a live show to play a Beatles album in full because it is “too limiting”.

The former Beatle, who is promoting his forthcoming new solo record Egypt Station, explained how his extensive back catalogue would leave fans disappointed by just one album.

When asked if he’d ever tour one specific record, McCartney said “No. I think that’s kind of a cool idea but I’m not tempted at all to do that. It’d be too limiting,” while speaking to NME

“It’s the kind of thing other people do, and I wish them well with it, but to me if I’m doing one album and ‘Hey Jude’ isn’t on it, and I’m in a crowd of 40,000 people, I’m going to want to do ‘Hey Jude’ because it brings people together,” he added.

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Elsewhere, McCartney recently explained how Kanye West had offered to produce his new record: “I thought, no, I kind of knew what direction I wanted to go in. And I knew that would be very different from where Kanye would go with it… I said, “That’s great, wow.” I’m just amazed that he said it.

He continued: “And then we never talked about it again. It was just a thought that was thrown away. I certainly thought about it and got very excited and thought, “That’s something, there’s no denying that… But is it something I want to do?” There’s the thing. And I thought, “Maybe not.”

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