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Paul McCartney says John Lennon "would've loved Auto-Tune"


Paul McCartney has said he contemplated using Auto-Tune on his new album Egypt Station and explained how he believes his former Beatles bandmate John Lennon would have loved the technology.

McCartney, who is heavily promoting his new record, was discussing his previous work with Kanye West and the discussion of Auto-Tune was brought up in a new profile interview with GQ Magazine. Asked if he contemplated using it on his new material, he said: “Because I know people are going to go, “Oh no! Paul McCartney’s on bloody Auto-Tune! What have things come to?” before adding: “At the back of my mind, I’ve got Elvis Costello saying, “Fucking hell, Paul!”

Reminiscing about his work with the Beatles, McCartney then made the claim that he and his bandmates would have been very interested in using Auto-Tune: “You know what? If we’d had this in the Beatles, we’d have been — John, particularly — would be so all over it. All his freaking records would be.”

“Come on, man,” McCartney added. “You can’t be so straitlaced to not expose yourself to experiences in life.”

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Anyway, here’s Macca’s new song: