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Credit: Elen Nivrae


Paul Dano joins Steven Spielberg's next film


Steven Spielberg is a director who has traversed everything from Aliens to World War II and now he’s taking on his very own childhood. The otherworldly presence of Paul Dano now looks set to star in the tale of the director’s younger years. 

Spielberg was born and raised in Arizona and his latest epic will return to the wide-open fields of his youth in a dramatisation loosely based on his early years. While his mother was already cast as Michelle Williams earlier this year, it would now seem she will be joined in Spielberg matrimony by Dano, who is playing his father. 

Also taking a role in the semi-autobiographical flick that Spielberg wrote with collaborator Tony Kushner is Seth Rogan. The comedy actor will play Spielberg’s favourite uncle. 

Other casting details are a little sketchier and it is unclear who will play Spielberg himself. The narrative of his youth that the movie will explore is also unclear, but we can expect all the trademark heartiness for which the director is known.

Deadline has reported that the production on the currently untitled movie is scheduled to go ahead this summer with an aim for a release in 2022. Spielberg will be working alongside Amblin Partners on the production of the picture. 

The legendry Hollywood director is currently sitting on a completed West Side Story, which has been delayed in order to allow for a cinematic release once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted. It is now likely to be released in December of this year. 

You can catch a clip from the original classic, below.