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Passion Pit are returning as Michael Angelakos opens up about his mental health


Michael Angelakos, the Passion Pit frontman, has confirmed the news that the band are returning to hit the road with a new tour.

it was only July when Angelakos announced a hiatus from music, explaining how the industry was not a safe place for him to be. However, in a new interview with the Independent, he has announced a return which is partly down to his need to pay for mental health treatments.

“This is all just the nightmare going on in my head as I was trying to repair relationships, trying to find a more stable and satisfying line of work that didn’t make me feel so dissatisfied,” he said. “After Kindred, the industry seemed to not necessarily be the safest place for me.

“I need money to be able to afford my treatments, to be able to afford the myriad costs of living with my disorder that have nearly ruined me,” he added. “That doesn’t make the tour less sweet, but I am not going to lie and say that tour is necessarily where someone like me belongs right after a hospitalisation.”

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Discussing last year’s Tremendous Sea Of Love, Angelakos said: “I [was] going on my third year of being manic.

“I wasn’t fully aware of it, and I was also able to manage it at times, which deceptively made me feel as though I had it totally under control. But like most people who are manic, you kind of never want to turn it off, or you feel like if you turn it off you’re going to lose everything in your head or something.

“It was bumpy up until I decided to release ‘Tremendous Sea of Love’ on streaming services, which was when I resumed to a mostly manic state. It ruined a lot”.

Passion Pit’s tour of the US began yesterday (January 10) at Washington D.C’s 9:30 Club.