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Parquet Courts tease new album with single 'Plant Life'


Texas indie-rock transplants Parquet Courts have teased their latest upcoming LP A Sympathy for Life with a vinyl exclusive new single.

‘Plant Life’, a bloopy and synthy cut, was first premiered on Japanese radio station FM Karuizawa, of all places. If you’re looking to stream the new song then you’re out of luck: the band are selling it exclusively through their own website and restricting it to solely 12-inch vinyl.

A Sympathy for Life will be the band’s seventh official studio album and first since 2018’s Wide Awake! It’s hard to keep track of what officially constitutes a Parquet Courts album and what doesn’t: there have been unofficial official demos like American Specialties, collaborative albums like Miano featuring Italian composer Daniele Luppi and Yeah Yeah Yeahs lead singer Karen O, and even an album released under the name Parkay Quarts, Content Nausea, largely featuring just guitarists/singers Austin Brown and Andrew Savage.

The last time we talked about Parquet Courts it was regarding the band’s reissuing of that unofficially official demo, American Specialties. The band also recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a streamed live show, with a setlist spanning the band’s entire career.

Parquet Courts have been doing quite a bit to shake the “enlightened stoner” reputation that has followed them ever since the release of 2012’s Light Up Gold, which featured indelibly marijuana-indebted tracks like ‘Yr No Stoner’ and ‘Stoned and Starving’.

Since then, albums like Sunbathing Animal and Human Performance took the band’s scruffy, punky energy and filtered it through new wave, funk, and angular post-rock. Wide Awake! was more structured and danceable than anything the band had put out prior, so I wouldn’t be surprised if synth-heavy dance-rock is where this new album lands stylistically.

Check out a snipped of ‘Plant Life’ down below. A Sympathy for Life will be released on October 22.