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Parquet Courts to reissue debut album ‘American Specialties’


American art punks Parquet Courts have announced an upcoming reissue of their debut LP American Specialties.

When the band first released American Specialties, the album was initially distributed strictly in the form of cassette tapes. A year after the official release, the band decided to reprint a small number of albums on vinyl, but the printing was still restricted.

The album is already in limited supply, and this reissue will keep it that way: only 1,500 copies will be pressed.

“I feel like [the songs] make more sense now than they did then because, honestly, I don’t even think I know how to play the songs,” bassist Sean Yeaton explains. “There were a few shows I didn’t even go to – sorry about that guys. I really wasn’t taking it seriously then.”

Yeaton is also responsible for the reissue’s expanded liner notes. “Now I feel like those songs are the best representation of us getting to know each other. Just fucking around, goofing off, having a laugh – no stakes.”

Each copy of the reissue will include a custom made zine curated by singer/guitarist Andrew Savage, the gruffer and more harried Yin to fellow singer/guitarist Austin Brown’s laid back Yang. Songs like ‘Stoned and Serving’ and ‘Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience’ are Savage’s, while ‘Master of My Craft’ and ‘Steady on My Mind’ are Brown’s.

The duo’s dichotomy, backed by Yeaton’s occasional songwriting contributions and drummer Max Savage’s insistent drive, are what give Parquet Courts their signature sound.

The band’s last album, 2018’s Wide Awake!, stripped away much of the frenetic punk that characterised albums like American Specialties and Light Up Gold. Retaining their sonic sharp edges, the band instead found inspiration in funk, dance, pop, and jazz, charting a new course for future endeavours.

You can pre-order the reissue of American Specialties right here.

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