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A. Savage shares the brilliant 'Ladies From Houston'


Andrew Savage may be better known to you as the lead singer of the mercurial Parquet Courts. With his band they delivered an urgent and accessible brand of lo-fi punk tinged garage. He’s now branched out on his own, under the moniker A. Savage, and shared new track ‘Ladies From Houston’ from his upcoming album, due out on Friday. Quite frankly, it’s brilliant.

The track is 7 minutes long, which doesn’t sound too much like Parquet Courts’ famous ferocity, but Savage uses every single minute to deliver a soulful and smooth new sound. Still permeated by his sardonic and utterly New York vocal, the new song marks Savage as being the socially wry lyricist whom was sometimes slept on with Parquet Courts.

A story unfolds in front of you with ‘Ladies From Houston’ and is easily listenable at every turn, offering warmth, tangible emotions and a narrator that feels as comfortable, natural and organic as a childhood climbing tree.

“I wrote Ladies From Houston after going to a small gathering of friends,” Savage writes in a press statement. “We were at the house of our friend’s father, who had just died, and he had just finished selling off most of his dad’s possessions so he could sell the house. Some stuff we broke. But a collection of erotica and photographs remained, and we all began sorting through it. This investigation set off a string of stories that went on late into the night. We all learned something about everyone else. The words are based on the stories told that night.”