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Parquet Courts - Got Me Wondering


This track at the moment can only be found in this recent radio recording for World Cafe it’s not the cleanest sound you’ll hear. But, in this track lies a potent combination of fuzzing, buzzing guitar and morose, sarcastic lyrics and between this cacophony of nostalgic punk noise lies Parquet Courts and their track Got Me Wondering.  

It pulls out of the tracks fast and doesn’t stop going for 1:58 mins as per the Brooklyn style as these NYC boys bring all the smut filled grime of CBGB’s back to our attention. With the disillusioned lyrics of Andy Savage and his American charm vocals, Parquet Courts sound like a Jonathan Richman fronted Ramones.

Austin Brown’s guitar bounces with Savage’s like a twin engined jet ski, fuelled by Sean Yeaton on bass and Andy’s brother, Max keeping it tight on the drums. Staying true to the idea of clever simplicity; simplicity in sound and clever in lyrics, Parquet Courts are hotly tipped coming into the Summer with a pop art style that’s likely to keep hipsters salivating.

If this recording doesn’t satisfy you then don’t fret, not only is there a recent album Light Up Gold released on Savage’s Dull Tools label but the Brooklyn boys will be playing gigs all over Europe and will be in the UK for a few festivals and a couple of autumn dates. The album itself is an irony filled, punk induced snot fest of teenage wit, that’s delivered with such contempt it’s hard not to enjoy. Although Got Me Wondering isn’t on Light Up Gold it is filled with great tracks like Stoned and Starving and Borrowed Time which keep to the band’s lo-fi ethics and deadpan delivery.

I’m looking forward to trying to catch these guys when they do reach our shores because if their performance is like the album and this track, then I’m sure to expect a night of witty dancing and gut bursting energy.

By Jack Whatley