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Pablo's Paintings release new song 'Lizard'

Bringing their silky smooth harmonies to the party once more, Leeds band Pablo’s Paintings have returned with their new song ‘Lizard’.

The band’s off-kilter pop sound blended with psychedelic overtones has quickly seen their rise become a prominent one. With a major show booked in for Kendal Calling festival, Pablo’s Paintings are ramping up their dark site with some new material.

While we got a sample of their silky melodies on the band’s lead track ‘Paint’s Gone Dry’, their latest offering sees Pablo’s Paintings add a bit more depth to their sound, layering in some mind bending rhythms which seemingly leads us down a consciousness-expanding.

“The band was an accident really,” singer Matt Allison previously told Far Out. “I got back from a bit of time living in New Zealand and stayed with Dom [Dominic Richmond] while I got myself back on course again. We started knocking around ideas I’d had for years but not had a band to do anything with and found that they fit well with some half-finished stuff Dom had put together previously.”

He added: “We ended up with a pretty big batch of songs in a short space of time. Dom’s a producer, so we thought we’d record a few just for ourselves and it just seemed to be working well, so we recruited Dom’s brother Jon (Jonathan Richmond) on bass and Peter (Peter Leach) on drums. Pablo’s was born.”

Allison, having worked on different musical projects in the past, explained their decision to use a Picasso quote for their name became a mantra for ‘cracking on and getting things done’. The band have taken the ever more popular DIY approach with everything they have produced so far, recording, mixing and releasing everything independently. “I think that’s given us something, a different sound,” the singer added. “All our tunes are melody focused I’d say, but we’re always trying to tap a kink into anything that’s sounding too straightforward.”

Here it is, Far Out’s Track of the Day: