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(Credit: Daniel Zappe)


Ozzy Osbourne to have “very major operation” that will “determine the rest of his life”

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne is set to undergo a “very major operation” next week that will “determine the rest of his life”.

The news has just been revealed by the heavy metal singer’s wife, Sharon. Speaking on her UK chat show, The Talk, Sharon told her fellow panellists that she would be flying to Los Angeles this weekend to be with her husband for the operation.

“[Ozzy] has a very major operation on Monday, and I have to be there,” she said. “It’s really going to determine the rest of his life.”

Last month, Ozzy revealed that he’s waiting to have orthopaedic neck surgery as he “can’t walk properly these days”. In the interview with Classic Rock for their 300th issue, Ozzy revealed that he’s still dealing with some lasting damage from a quad bike accident he had in 2003.

“I’m just waiting on some more surgery on my neck,” he said. “I can’t walk properly these days. I have physical therapy every morning. I am somewhat better, but nowhere near as much as I want to be to go back on the road.”

Asked if he often thinks about death, Ozzy said: “At fucking 73, I’ve done pretty well. I don’t plan on going anywhere, but my time’s going to come.” As yet, it’s not clear whether this surgery Sharon mentioned on The Talk is the same neck surgery the singer mentioned last month. 

Osbourne has recovered from accidents and several bouts of illness over the last few years, and in January of 2020, he confirmed a “challenging” Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

In April this year, Sharon shared that she’d be flying from the UK to the US after discovering that her husband had tested positive for coronavirus.

“I am very worried about Ozzy right now,” Sharon said in an emotional interview with Talk TV. “We’ve gone two years without him catching Covid, and it’s just Ozzy’s luck he would get it now.”

Ozzy’s son Jack later updated fans on his father’s condition, revealing that “he’s doing well”. “I spoke to him shortly before coming in,” Jack said on Tom Newton Dunn’s The News Desk. “He just says hello. I’ll save the colourful language, but he says it sucks.”