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(Credit: Far Out/Academy Awards)


Oscars 2022: The full list of winners


As the 94th Academy Awards quickly approaches, we will be collating the full list of winners from Oscars 2022. Updating this post throughout the evening, there is a hotly contested set of awards with Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog and Denis Villeneuve’s epic Dune battling it out for Best Picture among a tough list of nominations.

The lineup for the 94th Academy Awards, celebrating the finest films of 2021, sees Jane Campion as a notable addition to the Best Director category, becoming only the seventh female filmmaker ever to be nominated for the award. In addition, Drive my Car by Ryusuke Hamaguchi became the most-nominated Japanese feature film of all time, with eight nominations altogether, including for Best Picture.

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has hit big at this year’s event taking a huge number of famous statuettes home. While most of the wins came in the technical areas of the event, it highlights the huge commercial win the film was.

There were some huge firsts too. Troy Kostur became the first deaf male to receive an Oscar while Ariana DeBose became the first openly-queer Person of Colour to collect an award, picking up Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress respectively.

Elsewhere, Kenneth Branagh picked up his first Oscar in years as the collected the gong for Best Original Screenplay for Belfast. But perhaps the biggest award of the night came after one of the biggest moments in Oscars history after Will Smith picked up Best Actor after punching Chris Rock.

It would be CODAthat would take home the most coveted prize of all as it won Best Picture.

Oscars 2022 winners:

Best Picture 

All in all, the 2022 lineup for Best Picture is pretty balanced, with a wide variety of genres and filmmakers covered across the board, from the Netflix disaster movie Don’t Look Up to Kenneth Branagh’s Irish human drama, Belfast.

With this being considered, there are multiple films that stand a realistic chance of taking home the coveted Oscar statuette, with three films standing out from the field of ten: Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune and The Power of the Dog by Jane Campion.

Having previously shown that they are on a mission to diversify, Drive My Car, possibly the most critically acclaimed of any of the Best Picture nominees, has a strong chance of taking the category, along with Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, especially as audiences have long been demanding a popular film to take home the most significant award of the night.

Instead, it was CODA that took home the gong.


  • Belfast –  Kenneth Branagh
  • CODA – Sian Heder – WINNER!
  • Don’t Look Up – Adam McKay
  • Drive My Car – Ryusuke Hamaguchi
  • Dune – Denis Villeneuve
  • King Richard – Reinaldo Marcus Green
  • Licorice Pizza – Paul Thomas Anderson
  • Nightmare Alley – Guillermo Del Toro
  • West Side StorySteven Spielberg
  • The Power of the Dog – Jane Campion

Best Director

Traditionally signalling who will win the Best Picture category, of the 93 films that have been awarded Best Picture, 67 have also been awarded Best Director. This isn’t to say someone like Steven Spielberg or Kenneth Branagh won’t take home the statuette for their respective efforts, though it does indicate that both Jane Campion and Ryusuke Hamaguchi are the strongest nods in this category. 


  • Kenneth Branagh (Belfast)
  • Ryusuke Hamaguchi (Drive My Car)
  • Paul Thomas Anderson (Licorice Pizza)
  • Steven Spielberg (West Side Story)
  • Jane Campion (The Power of the Dog) – WINNER!

Best Actor

The Best Actor category this year is also pretty serious, with talented artists like Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Benedict Cumberbatch in the running. Although Javier Bardem probably did not deserve the nomination, Andrew Garfield’s work in Tick, Tick… Boom! was definitely stunning.

It was Smith who took home the award during an eventful evening.


  • Javier Bardem (Being the Ricardos)
  • Andrew Garfield (Tick, Tick…Boom!)
  • Will Smith (King Richard) – WINNER!
  • Denzel Washington (The Tragedy of Macbeth)
  • Benedict Cumberbatch (The Power of the Dog)

Best Actress

The race for Best Actress became a little more interesting when The Lost Daughter was snubbed of a Best Picture nomination, making a predicted win for Olivia Colman a little more unlikely. In fact, none of the five films that each actress is nominated for feature in the Best Picture category, however Chastain took home the award!


  • Jessica Chastain (The Eyes of Tammy Faye) – WINNER!
  • Olivia Colman (The Lost Daughter)
  • Penélope Cruz (Parallel Mothers)
  • Kristen Stewart (Spencer)
  • Nicole Kidman (Being the Ricardos)

Best Supporting Actor

Packed full of potential winners, this year’s Best Supporting Actor category is a difficult one to call, with each performance being worthy of success. With this being said, we consider Troy Kotsur and Kodi Smit-McPhee to stand out from the crowd due to their particularly powerful performances that truly complement their respective films, so it’s only right Kotsur took home the gong in a huge first.


  • Cairân Hinds (Belfast)
  • Jesse Plemons (The Power of the Dog)
  • J.K. Simmons (Being the Ricardos)
  • Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Power of the Dog)
  • Troy Kotsur (CODA) – WINNER!

Best Supporting Actress

Many were confused when it was announced that Judi Dench managed to get a nomination for her role in Belfast when there were so many other actresses who had put in much more powerful performances. However, the same cannot be said for the other contenders. In the end, it was an impressive first for Ariana DeBose.


  • Jessie Buckley (The Lost Daughter)
  • Judi Dench (Belfast)
  • Kirsten Dunst (The Power of The Dog)
  • Aunjanue Ellis (King Richard)
  • Ariana DeBose (West Side Story) – WINNER!

Best Adapted Screenplay

This has to be one of the toughest categories of the year, especially because each adapted screenplay listed below has utilised a different approach for conceptualising the process of adaptation. Films like The Lost Daughter and The Power of the Dog have received a lot of attention but could the winner be Drive My Car?

In the end, it was Sian Heder’s CODA that took home the prize.


  • Siân Heder (Coda) – WINNER!
  • Jon Spaiths, Denis Villeneuve and Eric Roth (Dune)
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Lost Daughter)
  • Jane Campion (The Power of the Dog)
  • Ryusuke Hamaguchi and Takamasa Oe (Drive My Car)

Best Original Screenplay

As with any Oscars predictions list, there is a big difference between what should win the category and what will win. As much as we’d have loved to have seen King Richard, Licorice Pizza or The Worst Person in the World take home the award for Best Original Screenplay, it was Kenneth Branagh’s hometown tale that took the award.


  • Kenneth Branagh (Belfast) – WINNER!
  • Zach Baylin (King Richard)
  • Paul Thomas Anderson (Licorice Pizza)
  • Eskil Vogt and Joachim Trier (The Worst Person in the World)
  • Adam McKay and David Sirota (Don’t Look Up)

Best Animated Feature

The Academy Awards have often sidelined the animation categories, with occasional Oscar winners transforming into cultural phenomenons such as Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. Many have even argued that animated films should definitely be allowed to compete in the Best Picture category.


  • EncantoWINNER!
  • Luca
  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines
  • Raya and the Last Dragon
  • Flee

Best International Feature

The Best International Feature category generated a lot of discourse when Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite managed to climb out of this marginalised section and win the Best Picture Award too. This year, Hamaguchi has managed to do the same with his moving opus.


  • Flea
  • The Hand of God
  • Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom
  • The Worst Person in the World
  • Drive My CarWINNER!

Best Documentary Short:

Although this is probably one of the minor categories of the Oscars, it is an incredibly important one. Short films are an indispensable part of the landscape of contemporary cinema because the format gives a lot of freedom to established artists as well as aspiring ones.


  • Audible
  • Lead Me Home
  • Three Songs for Benazir
  • When We Were Bullies
  • The Queen of BasketballWINNER!

Best Cinematography

Grieg Fraser has worked on several important projects but he has been on an incredible run lately. After winning an Emmy for his brilliant work on The Mandalorian, Fraser handled the cinematography for two of the biggest cinematic spectacles in recent memory – Dune and The Batman.


  • Dan Laustsen (Nightmare Alley)
  • Ari Wegner (The Power of the Dog)
  • Bruno Delbonnel (The Tragedy of Macbeth)
  • Janusz Kaminski (West Side Story)
  • Greig Fraser (Dune) – WINNER!

Best Costume Design

Costumes (along with hair and makeup) have long been the unsung hero of Hollywood filmmaking, helping to properly transport audiences to another authentic place and time entirely. This year’s category is filled with multiple strong contenders for the award, with Jacqueline West and Robert Morgan, Luis Sequeria and Paul Tazewell standing out from the pack. 


  • Jenny Beavan (Cruella) – WINNER!
  • Massimo Cantini Parrini and Jacqueline Durran (Cyrano)
  • Jacqueline West and Robert Morgan (Dune)
  • Luis Sequeria (Nightmare Alley)
  • Paul Tazewell (West Side Story)

Best Film Editing

A forgotten art, the editing process is just as important as the writing of the screenplay, as the post-production process determines how a story looks, feels and flows. Whilst Don’t Look Up is the only film in this category that is undeserved of the crown, it is Joe Walker’s edit for Dune that stands out.


  • Don’t Look Up (Hank Corwin)
  • King Richard (Pamela Martin)
  • The Power of the Dog (Peter Sciberras)
  • Tick, Tick… Boom! (Myron Kerstein & Andrew Weisblum)
  • Dune (Joe Walker) – WINNER!

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Often, it is in the technical categories that you’ll see a surprise film from the previous year that you’d forgotten even came out, with Coming 2 America providing such a sensation when it was nominated for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. Unfortunately for the film, however, we don’t think it stands a chance of winning, particularly when it’s up against Dune, House of Gucci and The Eyes of Tammy Faye.

Though Dune and House of Gucci may be the popular favourites for this category, the work that went into Jessica Chastain for The Eyes of Tammy Faye is difficult to ignore. 


  • House of Gucci
  • Coming 2 America
  • Cruella
  • Dune
  • The Eyes of Tammy FayeWINNER!

Best Original Score

Bringing any given film to life, providing it with the vim, vigour and energy to pursue, a soundtrack is pivotal to the enjoyment of each and every film. This year’s nominees are certainly strong with Germaine Franco’s Disney musical Encanto standing a strong chance as well as Johnny Greenwood’s work for The Power of the Dog.


  • Nicholas Britell (Don’t Look Up)
  • Germaine Franco (Encanto)
  • Alberto Iglesias (Parallel Mothers)
  • Johnny Greenwood (The Power of the Dog)
  • Hans Zimmer (Dune) – WINNER!

Best Original Song

The theme songs of James Bond films have always received a lot of attention. For the latest Bond film which marked the end of the road for Daniel Craig, it was current popular culture icon Billie Eilish who managed to get the opportunity in No Time to Die. That’s where all eyes are right now.


  • ‘Be Alive’ – Beyoncé Knowles-Carter & Darius Scott (King Richard)
  • ‘Dos Oruguitas’ – Lin-Manuel Miranda (Encanto)
  • ‘Down to Joy’ – Van Morrison (Belfast)
  • ‘Somehow You Do’ – Diane Warren (Four Good Days)
  • ‘No Time to Die’ – Billie Eilish & Finneas O’Connell (No Time to Die) – WINNER!

Best Production Design

The cinematic experience is composed of various elements but since cinema is a visual medium, production design plays a vital role. It seems like there can only be one winner for this year’s category because it has blown the competition out of the water.

  • Tamara Deverell and Shane Vieau (Nightmare Alley)
  • Grant Major and Amber Richards (The Power of the Dog)
  • Stefan Dechant and Nancy Haigh (The Tragedy of Macbeth)
  • Adam Stockhausen and Rena DeAngelo (West Side Story)
  • Patrice Vermette and Zsuzsanna Sipos (Dune) – WINNER!

Best Sound :


  • Denise Yarde, Simon Chase, James Mather, Nov Adiri (Belfast)
  • Simon Hayes, Oliver Tarney, James Harrison, Paul Massey, Mark Taylor (No Time to Die)
  • Richard Flynn, Robert MacKenzie, Tara Webb (The Power of the Dog)
  • Tod A. Maitland, Gary Rydstrom, Brian Chumney, Andy Nelson, Shawn Murphy (West Side Story)
  • Mac Ruth, Mark Mangini, Theo Green, Doug Hemphill, Ron Bartlett (Dune) – WINNER!

Best Visual Effects

Often occupied by flashy Marvel movies and popular blockbusters, the Best Visual Effects category in 2022 is no different, with fan favourites Spider-Man: No Way Home and Free Guy hoping to take home a morsel of Oscar success. Unlucky for these box-office titans, however, there is an even bigger effects juggernaut in their midst. 


  • Free Guy
  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  • No Time to Die
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home
  • DuneWINNER!

Best Documentary Feature

This category is probably one of the most important selections of the Academy Awards because documentaries are highly powerful sociocultural documents. They convey important global issues to audiences from different cultures while also sharing the universal human experience.


  • Ascension
  • Attica
  • Flee
  • Writing With Fire
  • Summer of SoulWINNER!

Best Animated Short Film

The Academy Awards don’t have the best relationship with the animation medium, often unable to see past its vibrant colour that has resulted in many deeming it to be ‘childish’.


  • Affairs of the Art (Joanna Quinn)
  • Bestia (Hugo Covarrubias)
  • Boxballet (Anton Dyakov)
  • The Windshield Wiper (Alberto Mielgo) – WINNER!
  • Robin Robin (Daniel Ojari, Michael Please)

Best Live Action Short Film

Packed with talent from across the world, this year’s selection for Best Live Action Short Film is strong, with Ala Kachuu – Take and Run by Maria Brendle, The Long Goodbye by Aneil Karia and Please Hold by Kristen Davila carving out a lead in the category.


  • Ala Kachuu – Take and Run (Maria Brendle)
  • The Dress (Tadeusz Lysiak)
  • The Long Goodbye (Aneil Karia) – WINNER!
  • On My Mind (Martin Strange-Hansen)
  • Please Hold (Kristen Davila)