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Oscars 2022: The full Best Actor nominees revealed

Five men have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor. Those included are Spanish actor Javier Bardem for Being The Ricardos, British actors Andrew Garfield and Benedict Cumberbatch for Tick,Tick….Booom and The Power of the Dog respectively, while American-born actors Will Smith and Denzil Washington are tipped for King Richard and The Tragedy of Macbeth.

Out of these five, two of them (Bardem and Washington) have already received Oscar statuettes. Bardem won the 2008 trophy for Best Supporting Actor for his menacing turn in No Country for Old Men, while Washington has two Oscars: He won Best Supporting Actor for Glory and Best Actor for Training Day.

This is Smith’s third nomination for the prize of Best Actor, having been nominated twice in the early part of the 21st century. Cumberbatch was nominated in 2015 for Best Actor, for his turn as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. In what was considered his breakthrough Hollywood role, Cumberbatch was philosophical about what it meant.

“I’m still getting used to all of it,” he admitted. “There are days when, like everybody, you feel not your best and not yourself and uncomfortable with who you are and not in your own skin and you’d rather be at home under a duvet doing what you do at home. You crave privacy, basically, and you have to get along in the world and see a colleague and go into the office with your cold or your hangover or just whatever the thing that’s griping you. And that’s the same with fame, I guess.”

This setlist is a particularly diverse one, considering that it holds two African American actors, and a non-native English speaking performer. Out of the two British actors, one is better known for his TV work, which leaves Garfield as the only one who is best known for Hollywood blockbusters. What’s more, the films offer a collection of idiosyncratic genres from Western, to biographical drama, before turning the clock back to William Shakespeare. In addition, every man has been nominated at least once for a past performance, which suggests that the performances were primarily based on the merit of the artist in question, and not on their popularity in 2022.

2022 Oscar Best Actor nominees

  • Javier Bardem – Being The Ricardos
  • Benedict Cumberbatch – The Power of the Dog
  • Andrew Garfield – Tick, Tick…Boom
  • Will Smith – King Richard
  • Denzel Washington – The Tragedy of Macbeth

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